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Meow Meow Bang Bang

“She was the kind of dame you never forget. Lips as moist and pink as smoked salmon. Legs as long and well maintained as the New Jersey Turnpike.”

Read the rest of this thrilling tale from the case files of Ishmael Bundesnachrichtendienst, P.I. (or listen to the grippingly narrated podcast) here:

Meow Meow Bang BangDrabblecast, December 19, 2014.

News–2 Story Sales

I’ve sold (1) “This Quintessence of Dust” to F&SF and (2) “When Robot Mermaids Attack” to Daily Science Fiction.

Two more bits of unrelated news:

  • “Marketing Strategies of the Apocalypse” is scheduled to appear in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (F&SF), Sept/Oct 2014
  • “A Struggle Between Rivals Ends Surprisingly” (previously published in F&SF in Mar/Apr 2014) can now be read/heard on Escape Pod (August 4, 2014 podcast)

News–Unidentified Funny Objects 3

I’m delighted to announce that my very short story “The Choochoomorphosis” will be published in the humor anthology Unidentified Funny Objects 3 edited by Alex Shvartsman. Previous editions (UFO 1 and UFO 2) were enthusiastically received by critics and readers alike, and UFO3 has a stellar line up of contributors. UFO 3 will be published by UFO Publishing in late 2014.