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What’s your Asimov number?

In math and science, we have the Erdos number. In movies, we have the Bacon number. But what about speculative fiction?

Behold, I bring you the Asimov number.

Your Asimov number is based on the shared appearance of original fiction in the table of contents of the same issue of a pro publication (nonfiction and reprints don’t count). ┬áIt can be calculated by perusing the invaluable isfdb.

My Asimov number is two:

(1) F&SF, Sept/Oct 2014- “Marketing Strategies of the Apocalypse” Buckram and “The Thing in the Back Yard” David Gerrold

(2) Galaxy Magazine, May 1972 – “Trouble with G.O.D.” by David Gerrold and “The Gods Themselves” (serial, part 3 of 3) by Isaac Asimov.

From this example, we can also see that my Gerrold number is 1 and my Buckram number is zero.

What’s your Asimov number?